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Organising Your Organisation – The Power of Interconnected Teams

April 27, 2016 published by

The 2016 annual paper by Bersin from Deloitte, “The New Organisation: Different by Design” focuses in its first chapter on the ‘rise of teams’ within organisations. Basically, organisations need to re-organise to keep up with competitors, manage global environments, workplace changes and remain fluid, innovative and fast. Using examples from the US military organising to fight the Iraq war to companies like Nestle, Cisco and Uber, the paper points out how movement away from traditional hierarchies and ‘matrix’ models to an organisation of interconnected teams has facilitated innovation, flexibility and unwavering focus on the company’s vision and goals.

Interconnected Teams


Our recent experience with high growth companies, start-ups and tech businesses has shown the same. A willingness for executives to ‘throw out’ pre-existing ideas of organisation, spans of control, decision making delegations and titles accompanied by a focused facilitation session on what performance-driven design has leveraged results for these businesses in terms of capacity resourcing, speed to market and exponential growth.

Key Features of these Teams are:

Features of Interconnected Teams


Before jumping into this with two feet there are a few questions to consider:

  1. What are the teams structured around? Product, Market, Customer?
  2. What work is to be done in these teams? Is it the same for each or will there be differences?
  3. Do you have the existing capability to fill these work and team requirements? If not, what are the gaps and how will you feel these?
  4. Where leadership sit, and what will be the role of each of these leaders?
  5. How will teams share knowledge and communicate?
  6. How will performance be motivated and goals set?
  7. What other systems and support lines is required to manage the teams effectively?

There are quite a few more to consider once you get going, but these ones should get you thinking.

We’ve done lots of work helping organisations design themselves effectively with a lot of success. We’d love to help you do this too – remember, earlier is better when it comes to organisation design.

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Elise Barter

Co-Founder & Principal Consultant


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